About Colin

Hi, I’m Colin JX Hope, photographer, writer, marketing specialist, and blue heron enthusiast. In case you’re wondering, the “JX” stands for “justifiably excellent,” “jocund expressionist,” or “James Xavier.” Feel free to take your pick!

I specialize in horse race photography, sports coverage, and wildlife shots. My passion lives in action photography — anything moving fast or changing at a moment’s notice draws my greatest fascination. After all, cameras are the most eloquent time machines we have. It is my joy to help people freeze time, explore their world, and capture the essence of the moment.

I live in the Chicago area and love to travel wherever possible to document all the adventure that’s out there. I studied multimedia production and received my undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. As a former journalist, the flame burns ever brightly for excellent storytelling in every medium.

Go ahead — explore the site now! You’re invited to discover more about my work and how I can tell your story.